13 Questions with Storm Ascher of Superposition Gallery

Storm Ascher seems to do it all – she’s a painter, a sculptor, a writer, and founder of Superposition Gallery, a nomadic gallery that shows in temporary spaces in LA, New York, and Miami. It’s no surprise, then, that Forbes listed her on their Art & Style 30 under 30 list in 2022. Ascher told us a bit about her path and the concept behind Superposition – and keep an eye out for her upcoming exhibition hosted at Phillips in Los Angeles, opening on January 19th. 

—Taylor Zakarin


Can you talk about what drove you to conceive of and establish Superposition Gallery?
Superposition is my attempt at solving the age old problem of gentrification when it comes to the arts. Artists are used to beautifying our towns yet are not supported enough to be able to enjoy the lifestyle backdrops they’ve created. After traveling to other countries and seeing this pattern that was born out of the commercialization of art in the US, I wanted to find a way to still pursue my passion but feel that I was making a difference instead of adding to this worldwide dilemma.

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