The New Model Gallery: Tatiana Cheneviere and the Story Behind Pipeline

Portrait of Tatiana Cheneviere by Deniz Guzel

On a blustery October afternoon I sat down to talk with Tatiana Cheneviere. She had just come from a meeting with the builders helping to fit out a new space on Eastcastle Street, where she would be opening her very first gallery, Pipeline. Tatiana has a new model for introducing young artists, which is designed to slow down the head-long race of the emerging market, and draw back the curtain on the wider context so vital to shaping an artistic practice. The space is officially open to the public as of October 22nd, following this conversation.

—Beau Gabriel


How did you come to be in the art world?

I worked in art publishing for a bit and then started to work at Gagosian, where I remained up until now. I always knew that art was going to be part of my life, perhaps because I come from quite an arty upbringing. My mum worked for all the auction houses. And my dad specialized in Russian 18th century furniture… a very different ballgame to what I’m doing! But it meant that I understood a lot about art quite quickly, and I wanted to be part of that world. I used to paint myself, but wasn’t very interesting as a painter. So I decided to move to the other side.

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