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After years of studying art history, traveling to art fairs, seeing hundreds of exhibitions, and even collecting a few things here and there, we had yet to find one singular resource that simply made sense of the art world. So we created it ourselves. Let ArtDrunk be your guide to discovering and engaging with art in your city and all the places you travel. We do the work, you see the art.

For those of you new to ArtDrunk, welcome! ArtDrunk is a global media brand with a mission to democratize and demystify contemporary art through content and experiences. We’re here to challenge the overly “serious” approach to the art world that has long kept many out.

We believe art is a connector where universal stories can be shared and discovered. Our vision is to bring art to all and to inspire a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world around us.


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Instagram – This is where it all began and where we continue to share the most content. Follow along as we take you around the world to the exhibitions, art fairs, and studios that we love.

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Brands & Advertisers – Like what we do and want to partner with us? Drop us an email at! Happy to send over a media kit and discuss ways to help your brand connect with and be promoted across the art world.

Galleries & Museums – Looking to produce video content? You came to the right place. We work with arts institutions all over the world to craft beautiful content that expands your reach across social media. Send us an email at to learn more.


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